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If Katy Perry’s fashion in Last Friday Night married Mad Men Style

21 Sep

Just because this is the mood I’m in-

So, I bought this great Theory dress from Buffalo Exchange in California about a year and half ago and I never wore it. I knew it was a great dress and I had all intentions of wearing it but I kept thinking, “I need to lose about 5-8 lbs so this can look like I CAN wear it.

I moved back to New York about 7 months ago and I still didnt wear it.  But I was surfing the net and I stumbled onto Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks.  I saw her pictures and shes totally full figured and absolutely stunning.

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks

I thought to myself this lady looks awesome in this form fitting clothes and she was voted SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE by Esquire Magazine.  So, I thought “The hell with it, Im wearing my dress, even if I should be smaller to wear it.”

Sexiest woman alive

I was actually happy I wore it and I got a lot of compliments.

I cant believe I waited so long to wear this. I think sometimes as women we are hard on ourselves about how we look, how other people perceive us and its just crazy. After I looked at my picture I thought to myself “Why did I care so much, I look fine.”

I kind of think this dress is a cross between Mad Men fashion with its form fitting fabric and Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” music video because of the neon green.

In case you want to know you can get fabulous cheaper name brand dresses and outfits at Buffalo Exchange, its an awesome thrift shop. They just opened one up in Chelsea on West 26street between 6 avenue and 7th Avenue. My dress was about $30.00 in San Francisco.

My point is have fun with fashion damn it! Who cares if you have a few pounds to lose.  Just be tasteful and have a great time. Even if I weighed 100lbs (which I don’t) my butt would still be huge. When I was younger and everytime I gain weight I tie a sweater around my waist so guys wouldn’t look at my butt. But there comes a point in life when you have to accept yourself. If your unhappy with your weight work on getting healthy but look fabulous in the meantime. If a Hollywood starlet can show her full figured bootie to the world and be the sexiest woman alive, so can you. Every girl has her own kind of sexy.

Thats all for now. I’ll post again tommorrow.

Good night!



**Fix a bad hair day, have perfect makeup and have a blissful day**

19 Sep

Just added a video so you could have a soundtrack while you read.

I wake up everyday at 5:45 am to make my daughter lunch for school and then later wake her up and make her breakfast and help her get ready for school. After my daughters totally ready its my turn. I always know what to do with clothes and I consider myself fairly decent with makeup. But my HAIR! It drives me crazy, sometimes its so pretty and wavy and if  Im lucky enough to have my friend Jennifer Cali blow dry it, its perfectly pin straight for 2 days but for those other days, I discovered Goody Spin Pins. I LOVE IT!!

This the answer to all your bad hair days or days your in a rush

 These 2 little babies can give you styles like this.

I love the side bun. Once you make the bun stick in a jewel or a flower

I kind of do really fast, I need to get out the door kind of makeup. But if you have the time, I suggest you learn and watch XSPAKAGE on youtube. When I had more time in California I watched her videos and learned so many tips.

I just got my computer working again, so Ill have a new blog up soon filled with pics and info!

With Love,


**I’m Back!! Here’s the Condensed Version of my Summer in New York!***

6 Sep

Wow! I havent written here in a super long time.  The good news is that I finally got to move out of California. Im beyond happy to be back home in New York.  There’s no other place like this. I was born and raised here and I never get bored of this place.

This summer was amazing. I got to go to the premier of an independant film called “Girlfriend”.  It was written by my friend Melissa L’s friend Justin Lerner.  Its a story of a man with Down Syndrome, he falls in love and then the story gets intense. Jackson Rathbone from Twilight fame and the band 100 Monkeys also stars in it. I met him at the after party and I must say he was very pleasant and charming and yes, super cute. He had a gorgeous blond with him and she was a sweetheart too. I felt dumb asking them for a pic, but my little sister Jacqueline loves Jackson so I gathered up my courage and took the darn picture.

Needless to say we all had a great time!

My daughter Lila Bean also graduated from elementary school and shes about to start middle school. OMG! How time flies. Her birthday just passed and shes now 11.  Shes very artistic and one of the funniest people I have ever met.

Me, Lila and my dad at her graduation!

Lila’s Weekend

Lila, me and Sammy at "Sea"

I also FINALLY saw my best friend Douglas from my teen years. We hadent seen each other in about 15 years. We picked up our conversation as if a day hadent passed. Its awesome to have friends like that.

My buddy Douglas from Way back into the 90's maybe even late 80's

There was way more that happened this summer. I didnt have my camera at all times and some things are just for me! Im settled in New York and I will be starting a new Etsy store super soon. Ill keep you updated.  Remember to keep your head up at all times, no matter what the little annoyances in life are just that-LITTLE. Be thankful for all the beauty, love and humor around you.

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