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My super cheap fantastic blinding pink find and Disney Land

29 Aug

I am so thrilled with my hot pink dress etsy purchase. Check it out.

hot pinketsy

The dress worn by Blake Lively is from Michael Kors and goes for over $1,125, my dress is a vintage number that I found on etsy for a mere $13!! ( I will be making some adjustments to the dress, but the color is blinding and I love it.

Other than the dress. I have some other things going on. My little Lila Bean will be turning 9 years old on Tuesday and we will be celebrating the occasion at Disney Land at Anahein. If its your birthday and you can prove it you get in for free, which is always awesome!

I’ll post pictures of that little trip when I come back.

Headbands Noir-New Winter Collection from Lila Juliet has just begun.

26 Aug

Ive gotten a few requests to make the SO BLAIR white silk headband with diamonds in black so I have. I think its even better in black. Let me know what you think.

Paris Sophia headband at

Paris Sophia headband at

pink flower mainMaria Flora of SpainSo they are!! Last week I posted about Blake Livelys superb hot pink dress. I tried to find more hot pink fabric but it was unavailable:( But when I want something I get it. I looked for a similar dress on etsy and I plan to tweak it a bit for myself. At $13, I think this was a steal.

Maria Flora of Spain


sarahseven on Etsy

18 Aug
sarahseven on Etsy

Isnt this one of the prettiest dresses you have ever seen. This vendor has a 99% rating on Etsy, thats pretty SPECTACULAR for someone who makes handmade dresses online.
If I had a wedding coming up I’d show up in this! (via

The cutest Cupcake charms,Audrey Kitching and Blair Waldorf in one place.

13 Aug

For months my inspiration was a Miss Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I love how she pulls off preppy with such perfection. She’s such a bitch but I cant help but love her! But alas I have a new love. Her name is Audrey Kitching. Don’t get me wrong I still love Blair but fashion is fun and you dont have to have one style you can have many.

audrey cupblair blog

So as you can see they are VERY different. So In my etsy store I have a mix of both styles.

I wanted to make something featuring cupcackes or candy. Im not sure if I’ll be making necklaces or what but what I am sure of is what and where Im buying it from. Look how adorably delicious these charms are from

choc muff
Here the Hello Kitty headband I made at midnight last night
My midnight project

My midnight project

Thanks for looking.


12 Aug


blake hot pink dress

Blake looking Gorgeous in HOT PINK

Another number that I found to be beautiful

I also bought this blush from I love their make up. I bought this blush and this yummy pink lipgloss that smells like chocolate. Mmm..

Try this amazing gloss too.

www.heavenlynaturals.etsy.comI’m having a love affair with pink!




Brand new Chelsea NYC and L.A. inspired headbands by LilaJuliet

11 Aug

So I posted a blog just yesterday and I put some of my new favorite headband creations up, but I thought I should post two more.

The first one I love because it has a cool leopard print and it totally changes color depending which way you move. Its purple and blue.

Leopard multi color headbandThis second headband is my ode to my lovely NYC neighborhood Chelsea. Oh how I miss visiting one of my best friends Dahlia at the Chelsea hotel right on 23 street. She has the best wardrobe and has the best sparkly jewelry in existence. I  love going to her home and rummaging through her jewelry box like a 6 year old girl playing dress up.

So I call this one

“The Dahlia” after my fabulous friend Dahlia W in Chelsea

Chelsea girl headband

Chelsea girl headband

Thanks for looking!!


Audrey Inspired Gothiic Punk Scene Spider and Webs Headband

10 Aug
GEMMA IVORY by.Lila Juliet

This feminine and sweet headband is made of cotton. The headband is black and features a large spider and web. Its pretty unique.
This is the perfect accessory for a night out or any time you want to feel like the ultimate IT GIRL!

Its has elastic in the back to hold it into place. Its so girly. I love it.
Its 3 inches wide and fits most head sizes

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