About Lila Juliet & Shop


Hi Moon Lillies,

Im Michelle, creator of Lila Juliet Vintage and Headbands.  I believe in unleashing your creativity in all its forms.  I also believe in sustainable fashion, recycling, up cycling and vintage.  I create many of my headbands with the fabric of shirts and dresses. I try to use every sliver of fabric so nothing goes to waste! I choose to wear and sell vintage items because I find them beautiful. While everyone has on the cookie cutter dress of the month you’ll be adorned in a totally different beautiful dress.

I want you to walk out the door with the spotlight on you. I’m all about saving you money while looking gorgeous.

Aside from wanting to keep stuff out of landfills and creating bows and headbands Im also about healthy living, positivity, and living the best life possible.  If you can learn from my mistakes Im happy to share. Live your life fully One Day at a Time.  I’ll document my adventures and life lessons here.  You can follow my daily activities on instagram

You can check out my ETSY STORE here

You can check out my Ebay store http://www.ebay.com/usr/lilajuliet_boutique

I love hearing from you guys, feel free to leave comments!


Michelle Andres


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