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Forever 21 Hair Accessories at ShopStyle

25 Jul
Forever 21 Hair Accessories at ShopStyle

This headpiece would look great with your favorite black mini dress and the highest heels you own. Don’t forget to finish the look off with cat eye liner to really make your face shine.
Now your ready for your romantic and sexy Saturday night.
Have fun!

Fall Fashion Gallery at the Plaza Hotel

25 Jul
Fall Fashion Gallery at the Plaza Hotel

I love this sexy, preppy look. Preppy is a little hard to pull off but when you mix it up with other pieces like 4 inch heels,fishnet gloves or a rocker type silver pendant it WORKS!
Some example of some preppy looks that work are in this months Elle magazine. I never miss an issue and this is a spread everyone will enjoy. (via Eloise Fall Fashion Spread in Elle Magazine)

GUESS: Women: Tops

22 Jul
GUESS: Women: Tops

This sexy top is about $30 dollars. I would wear this to club or a lounge paired with jeans and 4 inch heels. I love anything backless and this is my wish list. (via Backless Top from Guess)

Helene wedding dress by Leanimal on Etsy $1,325

22 Jul
Helene wedding dress by Leanimal on Etsy $1,325

This was made by Last year Project Runway winner LeAnn. Shes amazing!! Were so lucky shes selling her items on Etsy. If I were getting married right now, Id be wearing this! (via Wedding Dress)

A small piece of a Fairyland

22 Jul

The moment I saw this watch/bracelet I fell in love with it. It looks so different from most of the jewelry I see around. I just couldn’t resist so I bought one for me and one to sell on ebay. Oh, the cool stuff you can find scavenging the 6th avenue shops in NYC!!

GEMMA IVORY by.Lila Juliet

22 Jul
GEMMA IVORY by.Lila Juliet

Look super sexy in Gemma Ivory. You can go casual or glam in this sweet headband! (via Etsy)

Glam Rock new headbands by Lila Juliet

6 Jul

I have made brand new sparkly headband styles and you can check them out at or visit my site at Gossip Girl served as inspiration for awhile but I have now discovered a Audrey Kitching. I love the way she uses color and how unafraid she is too dress however she wants. Every week I’ll be adding new styles but for now I hope you enjoy the ones I have up.

Lillian Lavender

Lillian Lavender

As always you can write to me and let me know EXACTLY what you want and I’ll make it at no extra charge!

Stay tuned for our Glam Rock inspired headbands!!

Audrey Kitching Style

Buy 3 and get 1 free. Send me a message at my

Special offer for WordPress readers!!

Have a Sweet Day,

Lila Juliet

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